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Artist Exhibition: Norman Galinsky and Alberto Reyes

January 9 - May 7

Experience the works of Norman Galinsky and Alberto Reyes. On display for purchase in the Union Arts Center from January 9th to April 9th. Make sure to mark your calendars, you do not want to miss these ethereal works.

Gallery 1: Norman Galinsky

Norman Galinsky’s abstract geometric art has been inspired and informed by his background in science and engineering, and his ongoing interest and study of meditative and energy healing disciplines and consciousness explorations.

His work represents the intimate relationship between the energetic and quantum nature of reality and the spiritual essence embodied by art. He believes that art expression is energy itself –an aspect of what the Chinese term Qi, the universal life energy. The images depict a “stillness in motion”, drawing the viewer into a meditative dialog with the present moment. His over 30 year practice and teaching of Chinese martial arts, Tai Ji Quan and qigong exercises, as well as study of other energetic healing disciplines have been foundational in helping him generate, cultivate, and utilize energy patterns that often find their way into his images. Additionally, his earlier career and professional background in chemical engineering was instrumental in combining his use of mathematics with “permutational” and intuitive approaches to making art. His understanding and study of sacred geometry became a roadmap to explore how energy, science, and esthetics can be related.


Gallery 2: Alberto Hernandez Reyes

Alberto Hernandez Reyes (b. Havana, 1976)

Behind the appearance of natural shapes, hidden behind the beauty of the landscape is the living spirit of the world (Anima Mundi). That invisible, but intuited, soul manifests itself in multiple signs. A sustained contemplation makes us listen to the primal music that comes from the forest, the mist in the morning transforms the old road into an unknown country, a forgotten language makes us understand the underlying codes in the waves of the sea. So many messages, many of which we are not conscious.

Through my paintings I have tried to explore the visuality of this ethereal dimension: The elements of Nature are recognizable on the surface of the canvas but, as the viewer will see, the representation patterns go beyond pure mimesis. It is about exploring and materializing that mystical world through atmospheres full of mystery, giving trees almost human emotions, concentrating, or limiting color in an ascetic, monochromatic range, evoking silence.

The use of light is essential. The spaces addressed are practically surreal scenarios that gravitate between the perception of the birth of Creation and apocalyptic shadows. And light is capable here of tipping the balance towards one concept or another.

Let this be an invitation to discover another physiognomy of the landscape through the inner vision of the artist.




January 9
May 7
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Union Arts Center


Roost Union Arts Center
2 Union Street
Sparkill, NY 10976 United States
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